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The official GARNI technology® application is designed for GARNI technology® Wi-Fi weather stations, which send measured values to the Weather Underground server. The application is fully in Czech and English, and is completely free. To activate the application, you must enter the code (in the form eg 0000 - 1111 - 2222) placed on the backside of the main unit's weather station. Keep this code saved. If the activation code is not placed on the back side of the main unit, please contact us at aplikace@garni-meteo.cz



The application is currently available for mobile phones with the Android OS, we are working on a version for iOS.

iOS app release

Dear customers, for reasons beyond our control, like an administrative complexity and numerous changes in the approval process during publishing of the application, there has been a delay in the release for which we apologize. The expected release date will be specified on our website. Thank you for your understanding.


For the proper functionality of the application you will need:

  • Activation code from the back side of the main unit's weather station.
  • Active account on the Weather Underground server.
  • API from the Weather Underground account.

The application supports the following models of GARNI technology weather stations:

The application can display those values:

  • current temperature
  • current dew point
  • wind direction and speed
  • wind gust direction and speed
  • barometric pressure
  • humidity
  • precipitation intensity
  • daily precipitation
  • sunshine
  • UV index
  • weather icon
  • Elevation


  • Temperature and dew point
  • Barometric pressure
  • Humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Sunshine
  • Wind speed and gust of wind


There is no code on the main unit of my weather station, what should I do?

The application was published recently. Products made before the release of the application not contain this code, but we will be happy to generate it for you and your weather station. Please, contact us via email aplikace@garni-meteo.cz

I already activated the application on my mobile phone. When I tried to activate it on next mobile device, the application showed message "Too many request", what should I do?

A limited number of activations and monitoring serve to prevents the misuse of unique codes. If the code were searched for by our bot on the internet (eg on discussion forums, etc.), or the connection of an unsupported device was detected, the code would be immediately deactivated on the server for all users. If you need activation on another mobile phone, please contact us via email aplikace@garni-meteo.cz

I have an account on Weathercloud, but the application does not show me data from this server, what am I doing wrong?

GARNI technology application works with the Weather Underground server. In the setting section "My weather stations", enter the ID generated by the Weather Underground server.

I have an iPhone and I didn't find the app on the App Store.

The release of the iOS version of the application is planned for the beginning of 2021.

I reinstalled the application, when I am trying to activate it again, the application shows the message "Too many request", what should I do?

A limited number of activations and monitoring serve to prevents the misuse of unique codes. If you need to reactivate the code, please contact us via email aplikace@garni-meteo.cz

I have a new mobile phone and the application shows message "Too many request", what should I do?

The process is the same as when reinstalling the application. In this case you need to reactivate the code. Please contact us via email aplikace@garni-meteo.cz


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the application, please send them to us at aplikace@garni-meteo.cz, thank you.


This application is provided as fre of charge and it's not part of the product. The proper functionality of the GARNI technology's product is not depend on the application. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the functions, specifications, appearance and provision of services of the application without prior notice.