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The company Roman Gajda - GARNI, which today operates mainly as an importer and wholesaler, was established in 1995. The main activity was the distribution of digital thermometers, hygrometers and alarm clocks. In 1997, company started with importing these products from Asian manufacturers and major European suppliers.

Gradually, the range was extended from the original eight models of car thermometers, digital thermometers ...


We offer a weather stations with the best display on the market

What makes our weather stations exceptional?

Fantastic display

Black background, high viewing angles, the possibility of constant backlighting. This is a display that will captivate you at a glance.

A complete weather report

Everyone can choose from our assortment, even the most demanding customer.

Control every room of your home

You can connect multiple sensors to our weather stations. Place it in another room or out. Just wherever you need.

Accurate weather forecast for the place you live

With the sensors you have physically at the point where you want to measure, you'll get an overview of the weather and other meteorological magnitudes exactly for your location.

Arcus technology allows you to select from up to 256 backlight colors.

Arcus technology allows you to select from up to 256 backlight colors.

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