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About us

The company Roman Gajda - GARNI, which operated mainly as an importer and wholesaler, was established in 1994. The main activity was the distribution of digital thermometers, hygrometers and alarm clocks. In 1997, company started with importing these products from Asian manufacturers and major European suppliers.

Gradually, the range was extended from the original eight models of car thermometers, digital thermometers, hygrometers and alarm clocks to the current more than 200 models, which also include semiprofessional weather stations, home weather stations, wireless thermometers, hygrometers, dataloggers, infrared thermometers, anemometers, digital alarm clocks with projection, smart bracelets and wireless sensors.

In 2015, the production of its own line of GARNI technology products began, which immediately became very popular not only on the Czech market. In January 2018, the company was changed to a joint-stock company continuing its business as a joint-stock company under the name GARNI technology a.s..

You are welcome to take a brief look at the history of our company.


Establishing the company (1994)

Company Roman Gajda – GARNI was founded in 1994.

3 items were on offer: 1 thermometer, 2 alarm clocks


First import of goods (1999)

In 1999, we have imported goods from abroad for the first time, it was only a 10 cartons.

5 items were on offer: 3 thermometers, 1 car shelf, 1 car alarm imitation


First weather station was imported (2003)

We have imported the first weather station and expand the assortment to 19 items, for example, car antenna.

We had 19 items in the offer.


The first product with the GARNI logo (2006)

In 2006, our first product with the GARNI logo appeared in our offer. A weather station with a computer connection was imported for a first time. The company became the official distributor of Technoline products for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We had 38 items in the offer.


New logo (2007)

We have become the official distributor of Irox for the Czech Republic, the company logo has been modernized.

We had 50 items in the offer.


Official representative of Ventus (2009)

In 2009 we have started to import and distribute Oregon Scientific products and the company became the official Ventus representative for the Czech Republic.

We had 96 items in the offer.


Launch of e-shop (2011)

For the convenience of our end customers, we have launched our own ecommerce.

We had 102 items in the offer.


An electronic wholesale system has been launched (2013)

We launched the B2B interface for wholesalers.

We had 140 items in the offer.


Production of our own line of GARNI technology products has started (2015)

In 2015, we started to manufacture our own line of GARNI technology brand products.

We had 175 items in the offer.


Transformation into a Joint Stock Company (2017)

The year 2017 was significant to us. We became the official ADE distributor for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, updated our logo and transformed the whole company into a joint stock company.

We had 212 items in the offer.


Application GARNI technology

In 2020 we launched our first official application named GARNI technology. The successor of our flagship, the GARNI 1055 Arcus model, the GARNI 2055 Arcus model, was launched on the market.

We offer 243 items, which 76 of them are our brand as GARNI technology a.s..