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GARNI 210T OneCare

price: 2489 CZK

Smart air quality monitor GARNI 210T OneCare with WiFi module for measuring air quality, temperature and relative humidity indoors values. It uses a TFT LCD color display. Device is compatibile with the Tuya IOT smart home platform. Swiss SENSIRION sensors are used to measure particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0), temperature and relative humidity.


Clear TFT LCD display

Easy-to-read display with colour resolution of air quality.

Clear TFT LCD display GARNI 210T OneCare

Access to data online

Transfer of measured data to the Tuya server, access to measured values and smart home automation options via one app.

Access to data online GARNI 210T OneCare

Colour LED backlight

Colored LED backlight for an instant overview of the air quality.

Colour LED backlight GARNI 210T OneCare

Compatible with other products

Automatic control of other products using measured values and automation, e.g. GARNI technology smart air purifiers

Compatible with other products GARNI 210T OneCare
Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
Wi-Fi frequency 2.4 GHz
Power supply built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery 1800 mAh
USB charger (not included)
Overall dimensions 80 x 68 x 80 mm
Weight 202 g
Color white
Option to stand / hang up the sensor Yes No
Particle measurement range (PM) / tolerance PM2.5 0-999 ug / m3 (0 to 100ug / m3: ± 15ug / m3; > 100ug / m3: ± 15%)
PM1.0 0-999 ug / m3 (0 to 100ug / m3: ± 15ug / m3; > 100ug / m3: ± 15%)
PM10 0-999 ug / m3 (0 to 100ug / m3: ± 15ug / m3; > 100ug / m3: ± 15%)
Air quality indication for PM2.5 - color of digits on the display and colored LEDs (green, yellow, red)
Indoor temperature measurement range / tolerance -10 ° C to + 50 ° C ± 0.8 ° C (SENSIRION sensor), measurement update 2 s
Resolution of internal temperature 1 ° C
Internal rel. humidity measurement range / tolerance 0% to 95% ± 5% (SENSIRION sensor), measurement update 2 s
Resolution of internal relative humidity 1%
Smart home platform Tuya IOT
Supported router security WPA / WPA2
Application Tuya Smart, Smart Life-Smart Living
Specification of sensors for measuring air quality SENSIRION, laser
Particle measurement method (PM) laser
Supported systems iOS, Android
Particle resolution (PM) 1 ug / m3
Particulate matter (PM) measurement update interval 2 seconds
Dimensions of the main unit display 48 x 36 mm
Digit size - main unit temperature, relative humidity, PM10, PM1.0 - 3 mm;
Main Unit Display Illumination yes, permanent with the possibility of switching off
Manual GARNI 210T OneCare - German 03G21 download
Manual GARNI 210T OneCare - Polish 03G21 download
Manual GARNI 210T OneCare - Hungarian 03G21 download