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GARNI 15T OneCare

price: 4920 CZK

The smart air purifier GARNI 15T OneCare ensures clean and healthy air in your home or office with his six-stage filtration system and built-in PM2.5 sensor. Via the Tuya Smart mobile app or Smart Life, you can view indoor air quality measurements and control all functions from anywhere via Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.


Easy-to-read display and touch buttons

The easy-to-read display provides an instant PM2.5 reading and the touch-sensitive buttons ensure user-friendly operation.

Easy-to-read display and touch buttons GARNI 15T OneCare

Access to data online

Transfer of measured data to the Tuya server, access to measured values, control and smart home automation options via one app.

Access to data online GARNI 15T OneCare

The user-friendly mobile app

The user-friendly Tuya application is provided free of charge, allows complete remote control and is available in several languages (Czech, German, English, Dutch, etc.).

The user-friendly mobile app GARNI 15T OneCare

Advanced filtration system

The advanced 6-stage filtration system ensures clean air in your home. The stages are: pre-filter, cold catalysis filter, activated carbon filter, antibacterial filter, HEPA filter and an ionizer that can be switched off.

Advanced filtration system GARNI 15T OneCare

Colour LED indicator

Colour LED indicator to get an instant overview of air quality at a glance.

Colour LED indicator GARNI 15T OneCare

Compatible with other products

Automatic control of the air purifier, including complete switching on or off using measured values and automation, e.g. with the GARNI 210T OneCare smart air quality monitor.

Compatible with other products GARNI 15T OneCare
Color white, upper part black
Overall dimensions 330 x 553 x 178 mm
CADR solid particles 200 m3/h
formaldehyde 100 m3/h
Recommended room size 14 to 24 m2
Anion concentration 10 million / cm3
Option to turn off the ionizer Yes
UV lamp No
total weight 5 kg
Maximum power 43 W
Child lock (safety lock) Yes
Remote control Yes
Engine life approx. 100,000 hours
CE certification Yes
Power supply air purifier 220V, 50Hz
remote control 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries (micro-pencil, alkaline recommended; not included)
Filtration pre-filter, cold catalysis filter, activated carbon filter, antibacterial filter, HEPA filter, ionizer
HEPA yes, class H11
Ionizer Yes
Air humidification No
Noisiness ≤20.4dB (low speed)
The length of the supply cable 149 cm
Filter change interval prefilter 320 hours
cold catalysis filter / activated carbon filter and antibacterial filter / HEPA filter 1500 hours
Filter replacement indication Yes
WiFi Yes
Wi-Fi standard 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi frequency 2.4 GHz
Control via the app Yes
Supported applications Tuya smart
Smart Life
Google Home (must be paired with the Tuya app)
Alexa (must be paired with Tuya app)
and more
Particle measurement method (PM) laser
PM2.5 measurement accuracy 0~100ug/m³ ≤ ±15ug/m³
>100ug/m³ ≤ ±10%
PM2.5 measurement interval 2.5 s
Display yes, inverted LCD
Air quality indication yes, indication in green, yellow and red
Operating modes automatic mode, manual mode, sleep mode
Number of speeds 3
Night mode Yes
Timer (hours) Yes
Supported router security WPA/WPA2, OPEN, WEP (WEP only supports hexadecimal passwords)
Filtration efficiency / HEPA filter particle removal up to 99.3% / 97% of sizes 0.3µm (microns) and larger
Automatic display dimming (ambient light sensor) No
Display dimensions 40 x 20 mm
Size of digits 19 mm
Smart home platform Tuya IOT
Supported systems Android, Apple iOS
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