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GARNI 1085 Arcus

price: 6889 CZK

The Wi-Fi weather station with 6-day forecast and professional integrated 7-in-1 wireless sensor. It collects accurate and detailed weather data, which are uploaded in real time to the ProWeatherLive weather server with the built-in Wi-Fi module and local Wi-Fi network. This weather server allows automated uploading of weather station data and free access to all of them from anywhere with internet access, via a web browser or mobile app.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive measurement of meteorological variables
  • Time and date are adjusted from the Internet
  • wireless sensor signal range up to 150 m in open area
  • 7 channels
  • 7 in 1 wireless sensor included


Access to data online

Transfer of measured data to the ProWeatherLive server.

Access to data online GARNI 1085 Arcus

The user-friendly mobile app

The user-friendly ProWeatherLive application with a modifiable dashboard is provided free of charge and is available in several languages (Czech, German, English, Dutch, etc.).

The user-friendly mobile app GARNI 1085 Arcus

No need to change batteries

A solar panel located on the wireless integrated sensor supplies power to the rechargeable battery in the sensor.

No need to change batteries GARNI 1085 Arcus

Option to connect additional wireless sensors

Up to 12 wireless sensors can be connected to measure temperature and relative humidity, soil moisture and temperature, water temperature, lightning detection and indoor air quality.

Option to connect additional wireless sensors GARNI 1085 Arcus
Resolution of internal temperature 0.1°C
External temperature measurement range / tolerance -40°C to +60°C
(+5.1 to +60°C ±0.4°C, -19.9 to +5°C ±1°C, -40 to -20°C ±1.5°C)
(SENSIRION sensor)
Resolution of external temperature 0.1°C
Internal rel. humidity measurement range / tolerance 1% to 99%
(1 to 20% ±6.5% , 21 to 80% RH ±3.5%; 81 to 99% ±6.5%) (SENSIRION sensor)
Resolution of internal relative humidity 1%
External rel. humidity measurement range / tolerance 1% to 99%
(1 to 20% ±6.5% , 21 to 80% RH ±3.5%; 81 to 99% ±6.5%) (SENSIRION sensor)
Resolution of external relative humidity 1%
Bar. pressure measurement range / tolerance 540 to 1100 hPa
(700 to 1100 hPa ±5 hPa, 540 to 696 hPa ±8 hPa)
Resolution of barometric pressure measurement 1 hPa, 0.01 inHg, 0.1 mmHg
Wind speed measurement range / tolerance 0 to 50 m/s;
< 5 m/s: ±0.5 m/s;
Resolution of wind speed 0.1 m/s, 0.1 km/h, 0.1 mph, 0.1 knots
Wind direction measurement Yes
Resolution of wind direction 16 positions or 360°
Measuring rainfall Yes
Rainfall needed to flip the rocker 0.254 mm (0.01 inches) ±7%, or 1 flip of shuttle
UV radiation measurement range / tolerance 1 to 16
Illumination intensity measurement range / tolerance 0 to 200 Klux
Resolution of light intensity 0.01
Lightning detection sensor yes, optional accessory - model GARNI 72L (not included in the package)
Sky condition (% cloud cover) Yes
The resolution of the UV index measurement 0.1
Sunrise and Sunset Time yes, after entering the time zone and latitude and longitude on the ProWeatherLive server
Air / air quality measurement yes, optional accessory - model GARNI 104Q (not included in the package), if this sensor is not connected, the values ​​obtained from the Internet will be displayed
Moonrise and sunset time yes, after entering the time zone and latitude and longitude on the ProWeatherLive server
Visibility (km) Yes
Graph No
Moon phase Yes
Principle of weather forecasts based on the entered latitude and longitude of the weather station location in your ProWeatherLive account, the station displays the weather forecast for that day and the next 5 days.
Altitude setting No
Absolute / relative barometric pressure display Yes Yes
Number of weather forecast icons 15 (Sunny, Partly Clear, Cloudy / Misty, Cloudy, Windy, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Partly Clear with Light Rain, Partly Clear with Heavy Rain, Thunder, Thunderstorms, Thunderstorm, Snow, Rain with Snow, Heavy Snow with Rain)
Signal range 150 m in open space
Transmission frequency of wireless sensors 868 MHz
Data transmission interval 12 seconds – UV index, solar radiation intensity, wind speed and direction
24 seconds – temperature and relative humidity, total precipitation
Number of Channels 7
Internal memory yes, to save Wi-Fi connection settings, weather servers, calibration settings and sensor pairings.
memory with battery backup to retain time and date settings, maximum and minimum readings and precipitation readings in main unit memory during power failure
Memory to MAX and MIN measured values memory for daily and total maximum and minimum values ​​(since last reset): indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity, feeling temperature, Wind Chill, dew point, temperature index, relative and absolute barometric pressure
memory for maximum daily and total values ​​(since the last reset): average value of wind speed and wind gust, UV index, solar radiation intensity, current precipitation intensity and hourly precipitation total
Other alarms alarms for high/low measured values ​​via notifications in the mobile application
Stormy warning yes, the weather forecast icon
Heat index yes, outdoor temperature (Feels Like) -65°C to +50°C, heat index (Heat Index) from +26°C to +50°C
Display of the dew point value yes, outdoor, range -20 to +80°C
Display of the Wind Chill value yes, range -65 to +18°C (at wind speed >4.8km/h)
Other functions outdoor temperature index, range +26 to +50°C
Date yes, controlled after connecting to the Internet, or manually
Time yes, controlled after connecting to the Internet, or manually
Date format 12/24 hours
Alarm No
Time zone yes, on the ProWeatherlive server
USB host No
Wi-Fi standard 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi frequency 2.4 GHz
Option to stand / hang up the sensor main unit yes / yes
integrated wireless sensor - possibility of attachment to a mast or a flat surface
Application ProWeatherLive
Supported systems Android, iOS
Supported router security WPA/WPA2, WPA3, OPEN, WEP (WEP only supports hexadecimal passwords)
Int. Internet browsers supporting the HTML5 markup language: the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
Power supply main unit mains adapter 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.3 A / 5 V, 0.6 A, 5.0 W, backup battery 1 x CR2032, 3 V (button type, included)
integrated wireless sensor rechargeable battery 3.6V Ni-MH / 2000 mAh (included in delivery), solar panel
Overall dimensions main unit 219 x 200 x 26 mm
integrated wireless sensor 390 x 230 x 165 mm
Weight main unit 662g (without battery)
integrated wireless sensor 885 g (with batteries)
Color main unit black
integrated wireless sensor light gray, rain gauge funnel, weather vane and wind vane black
Solar panel parameters power supply: 3.6V Ni-MH rechargeable battery
battery capacity: 2000 mAh
daily battery consumption: 4,458 mAh
battery life without charging: 394 days (based on 88% efficiency)
solar panel output: 90 mA (at 6 V) (based on 40,000 lux)
solar panel dimensions: 70 x 40 mm
possibility to adjust the inclination
Resolution of rainfall 0.1 mm, 0.01 in
Data sending server ProWeatheLive
the ProWeatheLive server allows you to send data from the weather station to other weather servers such as WeatherUnderground, WeatherCloud, PWSWeather, or AWEKAS
Dimensions of the main unit display 191 x 163 mm
Digit size - main unit date, abbreviation of day name 11 mm, time 15 mm, time of sunrise and sunset of the Sun / Moon 9.5 mm,
wind direction 9 mm, wind speed / wind gust / Beaufort, risk exposure time / solar radiation intensity, UV index, precipitation, sky condition, air quality, barometric pressure 13 mm, outdoor temperature / feeling temperature / dew point / temperature index / Wind
Main Unit Display Illumination permanent, has two levels of brightness, possibility to set automatic brightness change depending on ambient light, possibility to change contrast in 2 levels
Indoor temperature measurement range / tolerance -5°C to +50°C
(-5 to +3.9°C ± 2°C ; 4 to +40°C ± 1°C ; +40.1 to +50°C ± 2°C)
(SENSIRION sensor)
Alarm of upper and lower temperature limits Yes.
Alarm of upper and lower limit of relative humidity yes, in the ProWeatherLive app
Measurement of air quality-CO2 yes, optional accessory - model GARNI 102Q (not included in the package)
Rainfall total measurement range 0 - 19,999 mm
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