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price: 389 CZK

Kitchen timer with two line display, rotary knob for easy setting, sound signal and LED light indicators.


Two-line display

Display sized 60 x 38 mm and 16 mm font size.

Two-line display GARNI KT2

Memory for set 3 times

Check the set times.

Memory for set 3 times GARNI KT2
Time yes, manually adjustable
Date format 12/24 hours
Date no
Alarm no
Snooze -
Timer yes, 2 independent timers
Stopwatch yes, 2 independent stopwatches
Signalling yes, timer signaling when counting down by green LED every 4 seconds, last minute signaling every 2 seconds, last 10 seconds every second, when the set signaling time was reached and exceed, the red LED is blinking every second for one minute
Display dimensions 60 x 38mm
Size of digits 16 mm
Display lighting no
Other functions possibility to switch the lower part of the display to the current time display,
in the case of the timer, it is possible to set 2 levels of the beep volume to reach the set time, or to switch off the beep
Power supply 2 pcs 1.5V AAA batteries (micro batteries, not included)
Overall dimensions 90 x 63.5 x 29.5 mm
Weight 72 g without batteries
Color white
Option to stand / hang up the sensor yes / yes, standing by means of a stand at an angle of 20 °, possibility of attaching with magnets on the back