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GARNI 835 Arcus

price: 2989 CZK

Weather station with inverse V. A. color display with a choice of up to 256 backlight colors. Measurement of indoor and outdoor temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall, weather forecast.

Key features:

  • Inverse V. A. color display
  • Comprehensive measurement of meteorological variables
  • 6 animated weather forecast icons
  • Measured values are displayed in the graph


A perfect overview

All measured values are clearly displayed on the inverse V. A. color display with ultra-black background, large viewing angles, high contrast and sharpness, and the ability to choose of up to 256 backlight colors

A perfect overview GARNI 835 Arcus

All in one place

Meteorological variables are measured with an 5-in-1 wireless sensor which is equipped with a radiation shield

All in one place GARNI 835 Arcus

Bar graph

The weather station allows you to view the measured values of barometric pressure or rainfall clearly in a bar graph

Bar graph GARNI 835 Arcus

Upper and lower limit alarm

The beep sounds will warn you that the preset upper or lower temperature, humidity, upper sum of rainfall and wind speed has been reached

Upper and lower limit alarm GARNI 835 Arcus

6 animated weather forecast icons

Information about the weather forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours is provided by 6 animated icons

6 animated weather forecast icons GARNI 835 Arcus

Always the exact time and date

Receiving the DCF-77 signal will ensure that your weather station will always have the exact time and date

Always the exact time and date GARNI 835 Arcus
Memory to MAX and MIN measured values display of maximum and minimum indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity, wind chill, temperature index, internal dew point, barometric pressure, maximum wind speed and wind impact and maximum rainfall with time and date of recording
Indoor temperature measurement range / tolerance -40°C to +70°C ±1°C (recommended measuring range -10°C to +50°C)
Resolution of internal temperature 0,1°C
External temperature measurement range / tolerance -40°C to +80°C ±0,5°C (recommended measuring range -40°C to +60°C)
Resolution of external temperature 0,1°C
Internal rel. humidity measurement range / tolerance 20% to 90% ±5%
Resolution of internal relative humidity 1%
External rel. humidity measurement range / tolerance 1% to 99% ±3%
Resolution of external relative humidity 1%
Bar. pressure measurement range / tolerance 850 to 1 050 hPa +/- 5 hPa in range 970 to 1 010 hPa
Resolution of barometric pressure measurement 1 hPa, 0,01 inHg, 0,1 mmHg
Wind speed measurement range / tolerance 0 to 50 m/s; 0 to 180 km/h; 0 to 112 mph; 0 to 97 knots +/-0,5 m/s (under 5 m/s); +/- 6% (over 5 m/s), showing the value of the impact of the wind
Resolution of wind speed 0,1 m/s, 0,1 mph, 0,1 knot
Wind direction measurement yes
Resolution of wind direction 16 positions
Measuring rainfall yes
Resolution of rainfall 0,4 mm (0,0157 inch)
UV radiation measurement range / tolerance no
Sunrise and Sunset Time no
Graph barometric pressure bar graph over the past 24 hours, or a history of rainfall over the past 5 days
Moon phase no
Principle of weather forecasts based on changes in barometric pressure
Altitude setting no
Absolute / relative barometric pressure display yes / yes
Number of weather forecast icons 6 (sunny, light rain, cloudy, rain, thunderstorms, snow)
Signal range up to 150 m in open space
Data transmission interval 12 s
Transmission frequency of wireless sensors 868 MHz
Memory to MAX and MIN measured values
Alarm of upper and lower temperature limits yes
Alarm of upper and lower limit of relative humidity yes
Other alarms alarm upper daily rainfall alarm, upper winds alarm alarm
Ice-alert function yes, activating the alarm 30 minutes before
Stormy warning no
Heat index yes
Display of the dew point value yes, internal
Other functions alarm function - the alarm is activated 30 minutes earlier if the outdoor temperature is below -3 ° C, a description of the wind force level (LIGHT - light, MODERATE - STRONG - strong, STORM - storm), display of measured values over the past period
Date yes
Time yes, controlled by the DCF-77 radio signal
Date format 12/24 hours
Alarm yes
Snooze yes, after 5 minutes
Time zone yes, from -12 to +13 hours
Dimensions of the main unit display 125 x 76 mm
Digit size - main unit time 15 mm, date, abbreviation of the name day 6.5 mm, outside and inside temperature and relative humidity 12 mm, barometric pressure / precipitation, wind speed / impact, 10 mm, wind direction 5.5 mm, wind chill / temperature index / dew point 9 mm
Main Unit Display Illumination color inverse V.A. display with dimensions of 125 x 76 mm - the illumination of the display has two levels of brightness and shutdown, then can be turned on for 5 seconds - 256 colors can be set, or the automatic color changeover mode - the speed dial opt
Wireless sensor display no
Power supply main unit 230 V, 50 Hz, 70 mA / 4.5 V, 300 mA, 1 CR2032 backup battery included (included) Integrated sensor 3 AA 1.5 V AA batteries (not included)
Overall dimensions main unit 136 x 168 x 24,5 mm integrated sensor 343,5 x 393,5 x 136 mm
Weight main unit 360 g without batteries, integrated sensor 612 g without batteries
Color main unit black, integrated sensor light gray, windshield dark gray
Option to stand / hang up the sensor main unit yes / yes integrated sensor yes / no, mounting on a mast
Rainfall needed to flip the rocker 0,4 mm