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GARNI 291 Line

price: 1189 CZK

Weather station with high-end inverted color VA display with DCF-77 radio controlled time, alarm clock, measurement of indoor temperature, relative humidity and absolute barometric pressure, and wireless sensor for measuring outdoor temperature and relative humidity.


Option to connect additional wireless sensors

Up to 3 wireless sensors can be connected to measure temperature and relative humidity.

Option to connect additional wireless sensors GARNI 291 Line
Indoor temperature measurement range / tolerance -9.9°C to +50°C ±1°C
Resolution of internal temperature 0.1°C
External temperature measurement range / tolerance -40°C to +70°C ±1°C
Resolution of external temperature 0.1°C
Internal rel. humidity measurement range / tolerance 20% to 95% ±5%
Resolution of internal relative humidity 1%
External rel. humidity measurement range / tolerance 20% to 95% ±5%
Resolution of external relative humidity 1%
Bar. pressure measurement range / tolerance 600 hPa/mb to 1100 hPa/mb
Resolution of barometric pressure measurement 1 hPa
Sunrise and Sunset Time No
Graph yes, development bar.
Moon phase No
Principle of weather forecasts based on bar changes.
Altitude setting No
Absolute / relative barometric pressure display Yes No
Number of weather forecast icons 5 (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, precipitation, snowing)
Signal range up to 60 m in open space
Data transmission interval 69 p
Transmission frequency of wireless sensors 433.92 MHz
Number of Channels 3
Memory to MAX and MIN measured values Yes
Alarm of upper and lower temperature limits yes, external, adjustable for each channel separately
Alarm of upper and lower limit of relative humidity No
Ice-alert function yes, in the range from -1°C to +3°C
Stormy warning No
Heat index No
Other functions the function of automatic dimming of the display lighting in a set time interval,
3 indoor and outdoor relative humidity status icons
Date yes, controlled by the DCF-77 signal
Time yes, controlled by the DCF-77 signal
Date format 12/24 hours
Alarm 2 alarm clocks, the option to set the alarm every day, on working days, or only on the weekend
Snooze yes, after 5 minutes
Time zone yes, from -12 to +12 hours
Dimensions of the main unit display 64 x 94 mm, inverted color VA display
Digit size - main unit time 12 mm, date 5.5 mm, day name abbreviation 6 mm, barometric pressure 8 mm, indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity 13 mm
Main Unit Display Illumination yes, permanent when powered by mains adapter, 4 levels of brightness, option to switch off, then briefly for 15s
short-term for 15 s when powered by batteries
Wireless sensor display Yes
Dimensions of the wireless sensor display 19 x 11 mm
Digit size - wireless sensor temperature, relative humidity 4 mm
Power supply main unit mains adapter 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.3 A / 5 V, 0.6 A (included in delivery), 2 pcs AA batteries, 1.5 V (pencil, not included in delivery)
wireless sensor 2 batteries type AA, 1.5V (pencil type, not included in delivery)
Overall dimensions main unit 84 x 147 x 44 mm
wireless sensor 49 x 95 x 32 mm
Weight main unit 170 g (without batteries)
wireless sensor 52 g (without batteries)
Color main unit black
wireless sensor white
Option to stand / hang up the sensor main unit yes / no
wireless sensor yes / yes